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Our massage services are designed to relax and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit. Our experienced massage therapists use a variety of techniques to help you reach a state of bliss. Our unique massages are tailored to your individual needs and provide a calming and invigorating experience.

Massage has many benefits including: relieve tension, stress and headaches, increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage and aid with sleep and relaxation. 

Lava Shells

from £52

An indulgent and truly pampering massage using self-heating shells. 

The Hot Lava Relax massage uses the warmth of the shell to deeply relax and balance the entire body and mind.

The Hot & Cool Lava Rescue is a saviour for tension and pains as it combines the warm shell to relax the muscle then a cool shell is swept over to repair and heal the muscle.

Deep Tissue

from £80

A therapeutic massage technique which focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue. It aims to release the chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and deep pressure on the contracted areas. By targeting the deeper layers of muscle tissue, the massage provides relief from aches and pains, and promotes relaxation.

Head Massage

Indian Head


A luxurious and relaxing service that helps to improve circulation, reduce stress, and improve the condition of your hair and scalp. Our certified massage therapists use a variety of techniques to stimulate pressure points on your head, neck, and shoulders, helping you to achieve a deep state of relaxation. Experience the benefits today

Oil Massage


from £47

A luxurious experience that blends essential oils and massage techniques to relax the body and mind. This massage is a great way to reduce stress, improve sleep, and boost your overall wellbeing. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy while sinking into a state of deep relaxation.


from £42

A special type of massage tailored specifically to the needs of expectant mothers. Our experienced massage therapists use gentle and soothing techniques to reduce stress and help alleviate tension and aches during pregnancy. Relax and enjoy this calming and therapeutic experience during this special time in your life.

*Not suitable in 1st trimester*



from £42

Our massages are all tailored to suit your needs and combine a variety of techniques to offer the best treatment. 
Massage has many benefits including: relieve tension, stress and headaches, increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage and aid with sleep and relaxation. 


Is massage painful?

Massage, when done correctly, shouldn't be painful (or at least not a pain that isn't pleasant!) Everyone has different pain thresholds so it's important to communicate with your therapist if you would like more or less pressure. Some discomfort is normal, especially when working over areas of tension but it is not necessary for it to be painful to get a good result.

How often should I have a massage?

Depending on your concerns, your therapist can advise on the frequency of massage for you. As an example, 1 per week for the first 3 sessions is usually advised when there is tension you wish to be relieved of, then spaced out to maintain the results. For other benefits, such as relaxation, massage is beneficial at any time, but ideally 1 every 1-2 months helps to keep everything in balance.

Is there anyone who can't have massage?

Massage is very powerful and can have some incredible effects on the body, but it isn't suitable for everyone.

Below is a list of contraindications to massage, please contact us if you have or have ever had any of the following conditions:

- Infections - Contagious conditions - Inflammation -

Acute medical conditions (e.g. recent injuries, surgeries/treatments)

- Medications - Current medical treatments - Chronic conditions - Skin conditions which may be made worse from massage - 

Cancer - High risk conditions (e.g. severe osteoporosis, unstable blood clots, uncontrolled diabetes, heart conditions, epilepsy etc.)

What happens during the massage, and what should I wear?

When you arrive for your treatment, your therapist will do a quick consultation to find out what your goals are for the treatment, what sort of pressure you like, and to find out any areas of tension you want addressing. They will then leave the room for you to get undressed and onto the couch. There will be bedding folded back for you to get under to cover yourself. 

You may remove your bra but please leave your underwear on, the therapist can move it, if necessary, to reach areas of tension.

Do you treat all genders?

Yes! We are happy to treat all genders for all of our treatments (except intimate waxing). Massage is popular among everyone and we welcome all.

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