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Waxing, Lashes & Brows

Eyebrow Hair Removal

Lycon Hot Wax
(Facial & Intimate Waxing)

Lycon Wax is the go-to choice for a gentle and effective hair removal experience. Our patented wax formula is specially designed to minimize discomfort while maximizing results, able to remove stubborn hairs as short as 1mm. The wax is doesn't stick to the skin making it as pain free and skin friendly as possible.

Trust us to deliver long-lasting results you can really feel. Book now and experience the difference.


* We do not currently offer men's intimate waxing.

Strip Wax
(Body Waxing)

At our beauty salon, we offer a top-of-the-line strip wax service that’s designed to give you the smooth skin you desire. Our experienced estheticians provide a comfortable experience, so you can feel relaxed and refreshed during the whole process. With our quick and efficient service, you can be out the door and feeling fabulous in no time.

Shaved Legs
Long Lashes

Lashes & Brows

Our lash and brow treatments are designed to enhance the natural beauty of your features. We offer personalized services to create the perfect look for you, whether it’s a subtle enhancement or a dramatic change. Book an appointment with us and let us help you achieve your dream look.

Our lash and brow treatments include tinting and waxing. A patch test is required a minimum of 48 hours before your service.

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