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Best of the Best

Environ has won top medical skincare company for the 5th consecutive year.


Environ is a revolutionary skincare which delivers life changing results for all your skin concerns.

It combines powerful ingredients with vitamin A at the forefront, delivered in a step up system so your skin can comfortably adjust as the results keep getting better.


We stock a large range of products and provide Electro-Sonic and Cool Peel Facials & Treatments.


Book a consultation to start your skincare journey with Mi Spa.

Advanced Nutrition Programme is the sister company of Environ. It works by feeding the skin from the inside, proven to deliver results to 100% of the skin on the surface, vs only 50% achieved by topical products alone.

ANP will only produce supplements based on science, which have undergone rigorous testing, to ensure results will be achieved. Key ingredients include vitamins, antioxidants, omegas and more.

The four P's ANP pride themselves in are Potency, Purity, Production and Packaging.

We stock a large range of ANP products and will make recommendations based on your personal skincare and wellbeing needs.

Thalgo is a marine spa brand established over 50 years ago. It harnesses the active ingredients found in the ocean where the richest minerals and the highest concentration of trace elements, vitamins and amino acids are found. They have searched all over the world to find the best ingredients which are also 100% natural.

These key ingredients offer amazing results for the skin whilst maintaining a relaxing and pampering experience. Our Thalgo products and facials are tailored to your specific skin concerns to deliver the best results.

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